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Bang the Drum Slowly 1956, Star,
U.S.Steel Hour, 'Bang the Drum Slowly' 1956, Star,
Strange One 1957, Star,
Pork Chop Hill 1959, Star,
Home From the Hill 1960, Star,
Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961, Star,
How the West Was Won 1962, Star,
Carpetbaggers 1964, Star,
Operation Crossbow 1965, Star,
Blue Max 1966, Star,
Tobruk 1966, Star,
Rough Night in Jericho 1967, Star,
Pendulum 1969, Star,
Executioner 1970, Star,
Groundstar Conspiracy 1972, Star,
Newman's Law 1974, Star,
Damnation Alley 1977, Star,
From Hell to Victory 1979, Star,
Torn Between Two Lovers 1979, Star,
Battle Beyond the Stars 1980, Star,
Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr 1981, Star,
Target Eagle 1984, Star,
Your Ticket is No Longer Valid 1984, Star,
Night of the Fox 1990, Star,
Silence Like Glass 1990, Star,
Chinatown Murders, Man Against the Mob 1992, Star,
Tigress 1992, Star 
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