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1. _"Overture"
Konuk Oyuncu: Imogene Hussall, Alex Scott
After arranging for Brett and Danny to meet and get arrested 
a retired judge gives them the choice of helping him out or 
going to jail for a while. 
Yayin Tarihi: 17 Eylül 71 
Yazar: Brian Clemens 
Yönetmen: Basil Dearden 

2. _"The Gold Napoleon"
Konuk Oyuncu: Susan George, Alfred Marks
Danny & Brett must discover whether or not Gold Napoleon 
coins are the originals or replicas as they are claimed to be. 
Yayin Tarihi: 24 Eylül 71
Yazar: Val Guest 
Yönetmen: Roy Ward Baker 

3. _"Take Seven"
Konuk Oyuncu: Sinead Cusack, Christian Roberts
A long lost brother is cutting off a girl from her inheritance. 
Yayin Tarihi: 1 Ekim 71
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: Sidney Hayers 

4. _"Greensleeves"
Konuk Oyuncu: Rosemary Nichols, Cy Grant
Brett's home seems to be taken over and to find out why he 
impersonates himself, and ends up helping the Prime Minister. 
Yayin Tarihi: 8 Ekim 71
Yazar: Terence Feely 
Yönetmen: David Greene 

5. _"Powerswitch"
Konuk Oyuncu: Annette Andre, Paul Whitson Jones 
Brett and Danny investigate an international stock swindle. 
Yayin Tarihi: 15 Ekim 71
Yazar: John Kruse 
Yönetmen: Basil Dearden 

6. _"The Time and the Place"
Konuk Oyuncu: Ian Hendry, Anna Palk
Danny discovers the body of a reporter then can't find it 
until it turns up in a car crash hours later. 
Yayin Tarihi: 22 Ekim 71
Yazar: Michael Pertwee 
Yönetmen: Roger Moore 

7. _"Someone Like Me"
Konuk Oyuncu: Reginald Marsh, Anne de Uiger
Danny thinks Brett is acting strange, Brett thinks someone 
is impersonating him. They both can't be right. 
Yayin Tarihi: 29 Ekim 71
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: Roy Ward Baker 

8. _"Anyone Can Play"
Konuk Oyuncu: Cyd Hayman, Dudley Foster
Danny is on the run from enemy agents after he accidentally 
uses the code words to get paid off at a Brighton Casino. 
Yayin Tarihi: 5 Kasim 71
Yazar: Tony Williamson 
Yönetmen: Leslie Norman 

9. _"The Old, the New, and the Deadly"
Konuk Oyuncu: Patrick Troughton, Anne Gael 
It seems that everyone wants a German Eagle statuette and 
they also think that Danny has it. 
Yayin Tarihi: 12 Kasim
Yazar: Brian Clemens 
Yönetmen: Leslie Norman 

10. _"Angie, Angie"
Konuk Oyuncu: Larry Storch
Danny's old friend turns out to be a hit man hired to kill 
an American union boss on holiday in Europe. 
Yayin Tarihi: 19 Kasim 71
Yazar: Milton S. Gelman 
Yönetmen: Val Guest 

11. "Chain of Events"
Konuk Oyuncu: Suzanna Leigh, Peter Vaughn, George Baker
Danny gets chained to a brief case which he can't get off 
and contains a bomb. 
Yayin Tarihi: 26 Kasim 71
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: Peter Hunt 

12. _"That's Me Over There"
Konuk Oyuncu: Geoffrey Keen, Suzan Farmer
Danny poses as an English Lord with a Brooklyn accent 
in order to rescue Brett who has been kidnapped. 
Yayin Tarihi: 3 Aralik 71
Yazar: Brian Clemens 
Yönetmen: Leslie Norman 

13. _"The Long Goodbye"
Konuk Oyuncu: Leo Genn, Nicola Pagett
Several different parties offer Danny and Brett various 
inducements to part with the formula they found on the 
body in a 10 year old plane crash. 
Yayin Tarihi: 10 Aralik 71
Yazar: Michael Pertwee 
Yönetmen: Roger Moore 

14. _"The Man in the Middle"
Konuk Oyuncu: Terry-Thomas, Stephen Greif
When Brett's plan to capture a traitor fails, Danny 
enlists the aid of one of Brett's relatives to rescue Brett. 
Yayin Tarihi: 17 Aralik 71
Yazar: Donald James 
Yönetmen: Leslie Norman 

15. _"Element of Risk"
Konuk Oyuncu: Peter Bowles, June Ritche
A gang of crooks who are planning a bullion heist mistakes 
Danny for a criminal genius. 
Yayin Tarihi: 24 Aralik 71
Yazar: Tony Barwick 
Yönetmen: Gerald Mayer 

16. _"A Home of One's Own"
Konuk Oyuncu: Hannah Gordon, Leon Green
Danny buys a `handy man's special' cottage in England and 
discovers that his neighbors are into the occult. 
Yayin Tarihi: 31 Aralik 71
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: James Hill 

17. _"Five Miles to Midnight"
Konuk Oyuncu: Joan Collins, Robert Hutton, Jean Marsh
Danny & Brett encounter a New York hoodlum who is on the 
run after he killed an Italian gangster. 
Yayin Tarihi: 7 Ocak 72
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: Val Guest 

18. _"Nuisance Value"
Konuk Oyuncu: Vivienne Ventura, George Murcell
Brett and Danny decide to help a rich man rescue his 
kidnapped daughter yet they have problems keeping her 
Yayin Tarihi: 14 Ocak 72
Yazar: David Wolfe ve Tony Barwick 
Yönetmen: Leslie Norman 

19. _"The Morning After"
Konuk Oyuncu: Catherine Schell, Yutte Stensgaard
Brett wakes up one morning and discovers that he 
got married the night before. 
Yayin Tarihi: 21 Ocak 72
Yazar: Walter Black 
Yönetmen: Leslie Norman 

20. _"Read and Destroy"
Konuk Oyuncu: Jose Ackland, Kate O'Mara
A spy plans to publish his memoirs which contain the 
name of every NATO, SEATO, and ANZUS agent. 
Yayin Tarihi: 28 Ocak 72
Yazar: Peter Yeldham 
Yönetmen: Roy Ward Baker 

21. _"A Death in the Family"
Konuk Oyuncu: Denholm Elliot, Diane Cilento
Brett's relatives are being killed off so Brett and 
Danny decide to find the killer before he gets Brett. 
Yayin Tarihi: 4 Subat 72
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: Sidney Hayers 
NOT: Roger Moore plays 4 roles in this episode. 

22. _"The Ozerov Inheritance"
Konuk Oyuncu: Dame Gladys Cooper 
Somehow the journal of one of Brett's uncles can prove 
an old lady married a member of the Russian Royal family. 
Yayin Tarihi: 11 Subat 72
Yazar: Harry H. Junkin 
Yönetmen: Roy Ward Baker 

23. _"To the Death, Baby"
Konuk Oyuncu: Jennie Linden, Terrance Morgan
Brett & Danny are asked to break up a romance between 
a heiress and a gigolo who is courting her. 
Yayin Tarihi: 18 Subat 72
Yazar: Donald James 
Yönetmen: Basil Dearden 

24. _"Someone Waiting"
Konuk Oyuncu: Penelope Horner, John Cainney 
Brett resumes race car driving only to have someone 
try to kill him who wants him to stop. 
Yayin Tarihi: 25 Subat 72
Yazar: Terry Nation 
Yönetmen: Peter Medak