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9.4 Lab Equipment
Sensor unit With an adjustable arm, seen in Space Brain, The Last Sunset, and in Medical in Force Of Life (the arm first appeared in Medical in Breakaway, Earthbound & Another Time, Another Place).
Geodesic domes In use on Earth in Another Time, Another Place
Alpha Log Recorder Used in by Helena (more details).
Particle analyser Referred to in Matter Of Life And Death.
Propogatoscope Incorporating a proton bombarder is seen in A Matter Of Balance.
Also seen in Weapons Section in The Beta Cloud
Pressure device Carolyn Powell's experiment in The Lambda Factor
Antimatter bombarder Used in the Command office in End Of Eternity.
Voyager control circuit Recreated in Voyager's Return
Wave amplifier Mateo's equipment in The Troubled Spirit
Test package Simulating blood pressure, respiration and body temperature in Journey To Where (actually an Ariel capsule from The Last Sunset, painted red; it is also seen in A Matter Of Balance)
Robot Fabrication Used by Helena in The Taybor to create a robot Maya.
Hyper-nitro A heat sensitive explosive featured in Catacombs Of The Moon
Microscopes A variety of microscopes are seen (looking suspiciously like plumbing supplies...)

Laser Controls Various laser controls and nuclear detonators are seen. More details.
Nuclear charges In Space Brain More details.
Atomic fuel cylinder In TBOW2 (also in Brian The Brain; see also the fuel core in The Infernal Machine).
Mobile nuclear generator Seen in A Matter Of Balance and The Lambda Factor. Also seen in the Pigs In Space segment of The Muppet Show!
Eagle starboard atomic booster motor In Engineering in The Lambda Factor.
Eagle remote control unit Seen in Year One on Paul or Alan's desk and also seen throughout Alpha (more details).
9.5 Field Equipment
Cameras Small video cameras are used by Maya in A Matter Of Balance and Kander in The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 (he uses a small screen unit to replay the colour pictures). Ferro in The Testament Of Arkadia has a conventional camera
Audio Recorder Sally in The Lambda Factor has a magnifying glass which she uses as an audio recorder.
Limpet transmitter Koenig uses a type 42/77 limpet transmitter in The Taybor to transmit signals into hyperspace (channel D4; see also The Testament Of Arkadia when Koenig places a trace on an Eagle using sub-space frequency 220).
Thermal Lance Laser cutter (named a Sonarscope in The Mark Of Archanon script) seen in The Mark Of Archanon, The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 & The Immunity Syndrome
Translation device Used by Anna in The Testament Of Arkadia. Actually a 1970s orange electric calculator (the Olivetti Divisumma)
Torches Seen in Another Time, Another Place, The Testament Of Arkadia & Catacombs Of The Moon, but seem to be used as a scanner in The Mark Of Archanon by Tony.
Binoculars In The Last Sunset (used by Koenig), The Last Enemy (Koenig's), The Testament Of Arkadia (held by Ferro), End Of Eternity (on the Eagle) and The Taybor (traded to Taybor). From the "UFO" episodes "Mindbender" & "Destruction".
Spectro-X Mentioned in Earthbound, & in script of The Last Sunset.
Hand held scanners More details
Hexagonal boxes, 61cm square (with a 40cm square base), were seen in Black Sun, The Last Sunset, The Testament Of Arkadia, All That Glisters, The Mark Of Archanon, The Seance Spectre, The Immunity Syndrome.
Other boxes and cases were carved from polystyrene. Film cases were seen in some episodes (one is dropped in a corridor in Guardian Of Piri). Letraset marking and numbers were used extensively.